How Much Am I Supposed To Weigh for My Height?

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Is the big question on your mind right now How much am I supposed to weigh for my height?” Well congratulations!

So you have finally decided to shed that excess flab you’ve been carrying for a few years now. Not only that, but you are also aware of the sensible approach one needs to take towards reducing weight and gaining health. So how much should I weigh?

Often it is seen that people suddenly decide to get onto the health ‘kick’. They take up power walking, jogging or start visiting the gym on a regular basis. All of this is great but most of these people either don’t know the goals they should set or if they do, they end up with very unrealistic goals. The main problem is that people are unaware that they have to determine their physical makeup in order to set realistic and achievable goals.

Our body is one of the finest, most sophisticated machines you will ever come across. As with most things in nature, there is a sense of balance and proportion to everything including our bodies. There is an almost geometric symmetry which has to be kept in mind while deciding on getting healthy. So before you start on a health program, start by asking yourself a very simple question – How much am I supposed to weigh for my height?

how much am i supposed to weigh for my height How Much Am I Supposed To Weigh for My Height?

how much am i supposed to weigh for my height table

As mentioned, a sense of proportion is the key to understanding your body and then going about achieving the goals you have set for your self. There are several health sites online which provide calculators to measure your BMI (Body Mass Index) and WHR (Waist-Hip Ratio). It is necessary to measure your vital statistics like height and weight and body measurements on a frequent basis in order to gauge if you weigh right for your height. These results can be entered into the above mentioned calculators which will then give you a close approximation of where you stand from a health perspective.

Another more accurate measurement tool is the Body Fat percentage. There are special machines which calculate one’s Body Fat percentage. These machines are available in hospitals, clinics and even in a lot of gyms.

A few things must be kept in mind.

  • Sex – Since the structure of a man’s and woman’s body vary, men and women who are of similar height need not weigh the same.
  • Age – The heavier you are at a later age, the tougher it is to lose excess weight. Being older also means one has to take care of possible injuries and the longer recovery period from muscle stress and fatigue. This is common for both sexes.
  • Essential Fat – This is the kind of fat that the body needs to survive. Women have higher levels of this than men. This must be kept in mind while measuring Body Fat percentage.

Finally for all the research  on “How much am I supposed to weigh for my height” or ”What is my ideal Body Fat percentage?”, one must also get into action, so start working towards getting healthy now!

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