How Much Do Supermodels Weigh?

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Supermodels are the reigning queens who are looked up to by lots of people and high fashion and how much do supermodels weigh is a common question people ask friends, theirselves, or search it through the web…

Here is a list of some of some of the top supermodels and how much do they weigh:

gisele bundchen picture 3 How Much Do Supermodels Weigh?

Gisele Bundchen - 180 cm, 127 lbs

Heidi Klum who is the German supermodel weighs 119 lbs and stands 175 cms tall.

Kate Moss who is the Brit supermodel is 173 cms tall and weighs 105 lbs.

Cindy Crawford is 177 cms and weighs 130 lbs.

Tyra Banks weighs 105 lbs and stands 178 cms tall.

Czech model Karolina Kurkova weighs about 116 lbs and has a height of 180 cms.

Brazilian Gisele Bundchen is 180 cms tall and weighs 127 lbs

Alessandra Ambrosio weighs 113 lbs and a height of 178 cms.

Adriana Lima is 178 cms tall and weighs 112 lbs

Claudia Schiffer, German model weighs 127 lbs and stands tall at 180 cms

Naomi Campbell British model weighs 113 lbs and is 175 cms tall

Linda Evangelista a Canadian model weighs 121 lbs and stands tall at 177 cms.

Elle MacPherson weighs 127 lbs and is 183cm tall.

Laetitia Casta French supermodel weighs 125 lbs and she is 169cm tall.

Russian Model Natalia Vodianova weighs 127 lbs and she stands tall at 175 cm.

Eva Herzigova, a Czech model weighs 132 lbs and she stands tall at 180cm.

Caroline Murphy, American model weighs 126 lbs and she stands tall at 178 cm.

Christy Turlington weighs 130 lbs and she stands tall at 178cm.

Amber Valletta, American supermodel weighs 127 lbs and she stands tall at 176 cm.

Bridget Hall weighs 125 lbs and she stands tall at 179cm.

Carmen Kass, Estonian supermodel weighs 127lbs and she stands tall at 178cm.

Like every regular model, supermodels too have to work very hard to maintain that size zero look. Weight is a very weighty issue for them and they go to great lengths to maintain their stunning looks.

They are under constant pressure to maintain their weight as their whole career depends upon it. Designers select these supermodels because of their figures and body types.

Generally a really tall supermodel who is 5’9 inches or 5’10 inches tall may weigh 115 lbs to 135 lbs. although most of them would prefer to weigh between 110 to 120 lbs, sometimes their body types also determine their weight.

Even models can be big boned. So they weigh more but look leaner. Some models constantly have to struggle and starve themselves but some are gifted with naturally lean bodies. It is with the help of their high body metabolism rate that they weigh less even though they can eat whatever they like.

On the other hand some models have to starve or live on celery stocks to maintain their hour-glass figures. Even though their waist and bust sizes are important, weight is an altogether different issue. So how much do supermodels weigh? Not only are designers interested in this but also the young girls. Every pretty girl out there plans to be a super model one day.

Supermodels are in a better position than the regular models. This is because they need not struggle anymore. They have already made a name for themselves and designers would do anything to get them to wear their clothes. So they have more money and time at their disposal. This means they can hire the best dieticians and trainers to help them stay fit. Hence they can manage to gain weight if they like.

For instance, supermodel turned business woman, Tyra Banks had put a lot of weight last year yet she was in demand. This is because she is a supermodel who can actually risk putting on weight. Brands wait for her to lose weight. But this is not the case with every other supermodel.

The world of modelling is highly glamorous but there is a lot of struggle involved before you can be recognized as a supermodel. You need to have the right face, figure and attitude. Plus you need to be at the right place at the right time. It can be a tough preposition.

Weight is an issue with everyone but maybe because models and supermodels get a lot of attention and are constantly under the media glare, they need to work harder to maintain their figure. And how much do supermodels weigh, will always remain a topic in major discussions for everyone related to the field of fashion.

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