How Much Should I Weigh for My Height?

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Are you looking for information on how much should I weigh for my height? One of the best methods of staying fit and have a well toned body is to maintain a “correct weight for height”. We all know that overweight and obesity is one of the most serious problems for a lot of people today, especially in the western world. This is due to various factors such as a lifestyle filled with anxiety and stress, lack of physical exercises and wrong eating habits.

It is important to understand the right weight/height ratio in order to remain healthy and have a control on your weight. Even doctors follow a weight-height chart to determine the level of overall fitness of a person.

For a clear answer on the question how much should I weigh for my height, you can take the help of height/weight conversion charts found on our blog. It is possible to determine the right weight you require for your height, you can find your BMI value with the help of a BMI calculator. In fact, BMI is one of the most reliable indicators of ideal weight today. With the help of a BMI calculator online, you can calculate your ideal weight on your own. Alternately, your doctor or physical trainer will use certain tools and methods to give you an accurate BMI indication.

BMI indicates the amount of fat mass in your body. Therefore, a muscle man, even with a well toned body, may show a BMI that is overestimated. Similarly, an old person who has a reduced body mass may get an underestimated BMI result. You can also find height weight chart online that will answer your question – how much should I weigh for my height?

Body Mass Index or BMI is calculated based on the formula – Weight in pounds/Height in inches x 703. An obese person’s BMI will be more than 30 and a person who is under weight will show a BMI of 18.5. The ideal and normal BMI value ranges between 18.5 and 24.9. Based on this reading, you can work on adjusting your weight in relation to your height.

A person who is underweight has to gain weight by adding in more calories including nutritious foods in the diet. Obese and overweight people have to cut down drastically on their consumption of foods containing high calorie fats.  They must also follow an effective exercise and fitness regime in order to lose weight. A nutritious and balanced diet contains a lot of foods rich in fiber, fresh green vegetables and fresh fruits.

It is important to take the help of a qualified medical professional or a professional physical trainer to guide you in your weight loss or gain efforts. After calculating your BMI, you can work out an exercise schedule and follow a balanced diet in order to burn or gain calories.

So, how much should I weigh for my height really depends on your Body Mass Index value. After determining the value, it is necessary to balance your weight and height according to the result. Take control of your health, start losing weight.

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