How Much Should I Weigh?

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Are you one of those wondering as to how much should I weigh?  Ideal weight of a person is influenced by several factors including bone density, sex, height, fat-muscle ratio and age. Ideal weight differs with different people and can be calculated using the BMI calculator. BMI is the Body Mass Index used to calculate your weight in relation to your height.

BMI1 How Much Should I Weigh?

BMI - How Much Should I Weigh?

It is not therefore recommended to compare your weight with those around you and using that as a yardstick to determine your ideal weight. Today doctors as well as personal trainers use a common measuring formula in order to arrive at a person’s required weight adjustment before prescribing fitness regimes and dietary plans. Body mass index estimates the body composition of a person with the height/weight analysis. Calculating your BMI is very simple. All you have to do is to follow a few steps in order to arrive at the result:

  • As the first step, weight yourself in pounds and multiply the weight by 703.
  • The result you obtain has to be divided by your height measured in inches
  • The result that you obtain is your BMI or Body Mass Index.

Given below is the table with the help of which you can determine whether you are within the normal weight range which will answer your question – how much should I weigh? Anything above or much below the normal means you are unhealthy.

  • Below 18.5 = Underweight
  • 18.6 to 24.9 = Normal weight
  • 25 to 29.9 = Overweight
  • Above 30 = Obesity

It is important to note here that very muscular and strongly built athletes calculating their BMI may find themselves being overestimated. Similarly, in those who have reduced muscle mass due to health conditions or old age, the BMI may be underestimated. It is also important to remember that the increase in BMI in small children is not essentially due to fat increase. Rather it is due to an increase in the lean mass.

As you continue analyzing on how much should I weigh using the BMI calculator, it is also important to consider certain other risk factors? Factors such as cigarette smoking, high blood glucose, high blood pressure, physical inactivity and family history of heart disease influence your BMI results.

After determining your Body Mass Index, it is important to try and get into shape. In order to get back to your ideal weight, it is important to start a healthy exercise regime. A balanced diet and nutritious food plays a major role too. After evaluating your dietary habits, be sure to include a lot of fresh fruits and green vegetables, low fat or fat free dairy products, proteins, whole grains and essential fats. Keep monitoring your calorie intake and ensure you stay within the recommended caloric range ideal for your body composition. A good nutritionist or a diet counsellor can help you create a balanced diet chart.

Follow these few steps and you no longer need to ask the question – how much should I weigh?

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